Unless you were fortunate enough to catch Gareth Edwards' feature film debut at this year's SXSW film festival, you've seen very little of Monsters. The producers of this brilliant twist on alien invasion films, which takes place years after a species from beyond the stars has taken over much of Latin America, have been incredibly coy for months with the images they've decided to show the general public. For the longest time the only available image of the film was of one of the two main characters staring at a billboard depicting the boundaries of the infected zone, but now, thanks to a making-of featurette from Best Buy, we can see just a bit more of what the film has in store.

However, getting a few restrained glimpses at the titular monsters is far from the best thing about this three-minute video. What's even better is to see all of the behind the scenes footage of how the film was Made by a crew of about five people for a budget of around $15,000. This featurette does a great job of establishing the "look what you can do with a little creativity!" vibe of the whole film, but trust me, your mind will be blown once you're actually able to see it all come together. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.
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