If you're making a loosely autobiographical film, just how much privacy should the people in your life expect? That's the question about to be answered by a Los Angeles court now that Alix Daily is suing her aunt and uncle, Leslie and Peter Tolan, and Capacity Pictures for the mental and emotional distress she's suffered by being featured as a character in Peter Tolan's film Finding Amanda.

The movie, which was released in 2008 and starred Matthew Broderick and Brittany Snow, loosely chronicles Tolan's trip to Las Vegas to take part in an intervention to help convince his niece, who had become a prostitute, to go to rehab.

Daily alleges that Tolan -- who also directed -- did little to hide the fact that it was based on her life. Court documents claim that "much of the dialogue, facts, and events really happened," and the character of Amanda "looked, dressed, and behaved like Daily." They also assert that the producers did little to hide the fact that the story was based on real events. Daily was never consulted on any of this and feels her privacy has been violated.
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