August 6 sees the return of the buddy-cop movie with the release of 'The Other Guys.' The action-comedy from co-writer and director Adam McKay will re-team him with his Ron Burgundy leading man, Will Ferrell. If the site of Ferrell laying down the law is an odd site, then his police partner is another off-beat choice: Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg is no stranger to tough cop roles (hello, 'The Departed'!), but 'The Other Guys' is his biggest attempt at comedy.

Ferrell and Wahlberg play Detectives Gamble and Hoitz, two New York City police officers who never get a big case, and must constantly live in the shadow of the precinct's shining stars, played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson. When the suave, butt-kicking cops are taken out of commission, Ferrell and Wahlberg see their opportunity to finally become big shots and solve a major crime.

Moviefone sent Kevin Polowy to watch them film -- right in the middle of NYC -- the comedians' take on a classic cop movie staple. Trying to find out if the victim committed suicide -- or was murdered -- the resourceful detectives are removed from the case by their hot-headed captain (Michael Keaton). In walk their replacements, rival detectives played by Rob Riggleand Damon Wayans Jr. Heated words are exchanged and soon enough, the cops come to blows with one another. As the scene goes on, Riggle and Wayans get to improvise and add more ridiculous punchlines.

During filming, we had a chance to speak with Ferrell, Wahlberg, Keaton, Riggle and Wayans, as well as McKay and his writing partner, Chris Henchy. We learned a lot about the unusual duo of Ferrell and Wahlberg, filming big action scenes in the Big Apple and the unplanned comedy that happens on set.