Carrie Bradshaw will forever be her most identifiable role, but remember Sarah Jessica Parkerbefore Sex and the City? No, not in Striking Distance. Even before that. Back when she seemed so free-spirited and kinda cool -- as much for the boys as the girls. The era when she appeared in dance movies like Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Footloose and when she showed up with awesome '80s hair as an intern in Flight of the Navigator. She was only in that movie for a few minutes, but she left an impression on my young mind, enough that I was really hoping the film would end with David (Joey Cramer) meeting the younger version of Parker's character after he returns to 1978.

Well, after that breakthrough period, she did some TV work before returning to the big screen for what I consider her most memorable performance, in the Steve Martin comedy L.A. Story. When I think back to when I still liked Parker, it's this role of SanDeE* that I recall with the greatest fondness. An early form of what would later be labeled the "manic pixie dream girl" type, SanDeE* is -- as you might discern from the spelling of her name, which includes the star at the end -- a bit immature and flaky, yet she's still one of the most natural elements in an overly silly movie that's like a cartoonish cross between Woody Allen's Manhattan and The Player (which came a year later, but still). Just like her breasts, SanDeE* is surprisingly real in an otherwise fake and highly absurd Los Angeles.
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