I used to look forward to Jack Black movies. Before his career strayed too far from HBO, he was always a welcome part of a movie (even non-comedies like Enemy of the State), but somewhere along the way Black made one too many abrupt turns toward standard-issue family films. The latest wrong turn for the once-riotous Tenacious D singer is Gulliver's Travels, a new adaptation of Jonathan Swift's classic adventure story about a man who ends up in a land where is a giant to a race of tiny people.

There's nothing wrong with Swift's original story, yet there looks to be nothing right about this new version. If you had told me this was a fake trailer for one of the fake movies from the career of Black's character in Tropic Thunder, I wouldn't have doubted you for a second. Sadly, it is not. Even the film's tagline, "Black is the new big.", blows my mind. What does that even mean? Is "X is the new big" a catchphrase I'm unaware of? Or is it really just that wild of a misfire? I haven't even mentioned this albatross of a film will be arriving in 3D, yet.

Check out the trailer below.
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