Catch 22 was a whole bag of satire, no-win situations, and bombardiers, but when you throw .44 into the mix -- presumably in revolver form -- it's time for a whole new bag. Variety reports that Malin Akerman is starring in a new indie drama called Catch .44, along with Forest Whitaker and Bruce Willis.

The brainchild of newbie director Aaron Harvey, Catch centers on Akerman and two other women who are "thrust into an extraordinary situation involving a psychopath hitman, played by Whitaker, a grizzled trucker, and a delusional line cook." Willis jumps on-board as the head crime boss who schemes up the whole scenario. I've got to say, that last little bit is what sells me. So who on earth will scheme up a plan to scare people and say: "Hey, we need to throw a delusional line cook into the mix!"? That alone makes Willis' character infinitely more interesting than most of his recent gigs, and offers up the potential for the first meaty Willis role in a good while.

Granted, it all depends on the rest of the cast. Going under the assumption that this won't just be shrieking women and creepy men, how about Zoe Saldana and Sarah Polley, with Eric Roberts as the trucker and Danny Huston as the line cook? God, I'd sell someone's first-born for that. Who would you like to see play the two other women, and who should take on the trucker and line cook?
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