Perhaps I'm not the best person for a completely unbiased account of The Tempest. I'm a sucker for adapted Shakespeare, and love Julie Taymor, whether we're talking about her critically acclaimed Titus, or the widely bashed Across the Universe. But would you accept glee from someone who loves Titus and abhors Universe? A user review from an advanced screening of The Tempest has hit the net, and it's pretty dang solid.

"Viper X" sent a quick review to AICN about the Shakespearean adaptation that changes Prospero into Prospera and stars Helen Mirren with a killer supporting cast: Alfred Molina, Djimon Hounsou, Russel Brand, Alan Cumming, Chris Cooper, David Strathairn, Ben Whishaw, and Felicity Jones as Miranda, the girl who has grown up isolated from all men. Viper writes that Taymor has "returned to Shakespeare and put her mark on The Tempest, and let me tell you that she is back to her roots in the best possible way." He says that with every line Mirren delivers, "there is no way you aren't going to be blown away. She sells the role like the godd**n fox that she is and frankly, steals the show." Brand (pictured right), meanwhile, has left the quirk at home and comes "across as an actual classically trained actor," while Whishaw gets a "huge honorable mention."

He notes that Taymor has managed to balance her unique visual flair with the actors' work, and: "It's not overly rushed and pumped up like a Baz Luhrmann flick, and it isn't too flat like a lot of Kenneth Branagh's work. It lies right in the middle." There are a few disappointments as well -- actor Reeve Carney is compared to a plank of wood, and the scenes didn't flow together as well as he'd hoped -- but all in all, it's a stellar review that will hopefully lead to a set-in-stone release date soon.
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