Now that Ashley Judd graduated from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government earning a Mid-Career Masters in Public Administration, what is she going to do? She'll likely keep at the political and humanitarian activities, but that doesn't mean she's ditching Hollywood for Washington. In fact, according to Variety, Judd just nabbed a new role, one in the indie caper comedy, Flypaper, which is set to shoot in Baton Rouge next week.

Judd will star opposite Patrick Dempsey in the role that once belonged to Liv Tyler. The film is about two separate teams of bank robbers who target the same establishment simultaneously. But rather than fighting each other for the loot, they wind up with a common enemy, a man played by Dempsey who's desperate to save the woman he loves, a bank teller. Tim Blake Nelson recently came aboard to play a guy named Peanut Butter, a bumbling thief who goes C4 crazy on the bank ATM.
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