According to our pals over at, genre favorite John Carpenter will be pulling up the director's chair relatively soon after all the work is done on his upcoming feature, The Ward. Seems the project is a long-percolating adaptation of John Mark's 2008 book Fangland. Ms. Swank is apparently on board to play a news reporter named Evangeline Harker, who ... heck, I'll let Amazon do it:

"Professional and personal aspirations collide when Evangeline, an ambitious associate producer of The Hour ("the most successful news show in American television history") accepts Robert's wedding proposal just before jetting off on an assignment she would rather dodge. Her uber-producer dismisses her protestations, so it's off to Transylvania to evaluate a possible story on Romanian reputed crime lord Ion Torgu."

For more than that, you'll have to read the book ... or wait for the movie. As far as John Carpenter is concerned, heck, the guy's got more projects in the works than he's had for years. The IMDb indicates that he has titles like L.A. Gothic and The Prince in some stage of early development (so who knows if they'll happen?), and now comes word on Fangland. Fingers crossed on all these projects, because the horror fans have been waiting for Carpenter to make a comeback for quite some time now. Two solid episodes of Masters of Horror aside, it's been a long time since the relatively disappointing Ghosts of Mars.
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