If you like role playing video games, there is no better North American game developer than BioWare. Over the past decade or so the Canadian headquartered company have created classic gaming titles like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Thanks to Legendary Pictures, Mass Effect is already in the process of being turned into a live-action film, but it looks like a newly announced Dragon Age movie will likely beat it to release.

Ain't It Cool News has the details surrounding the project. We don't know a ton at this point, but we do know the fundamentals: it will be an anime (note: not CGI), it will be directly overseen by BioWare's own executive producer, Mark Darrah, and their Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw, and it will be co-produced with FUNimation Entertainment for a 2011 home video release.

Now I know some may balk at words "home video release", but pet projects like this are far better suited for the small screen than the big screen. That's not to say that Dragon Age couldn't make one hell of a big budget, live-action dark fantasy film, but a small film like this will certainly allow for BioWare's creative seal of approval. If you're unfamiliar with the tone of the games, check out the opening cinematic below from the most recent entry in the series, Dragon Age: Origins.
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