E3 is right around the corner, and in preparation for the gaming industry's biggest trade show, companies are whetting everyone's appetites with teasers of things to come.

One game I'm really excited about is EA's Dead Space 2. The sequel to the surprise survival horror hit isn't due out until the first quarter of next year, but that hasn't stopped the company from unveiling the Xbox 360 version's cover art. The new cover features a full facial view of series star Isaac Clarke in his fancy and freaky facemask (say that five times fast...).

The sequel finds Clarke once again fighting hordes of Necromorphs while armed with his trusty plasma cutter. The space engineer will have to dismember his enemies in gruesome fashion to finish them off once and for all. The sequel promises to up the ante with new weapons, zero-G environments, and a brand new story where Isaac is in control and not just following orders. If it's anywhere near as creepy and atmospheric as the original, EA and Visceral Games could have a huge hit on their hands.

Hop past the break for another look at the game's most recent trailer -- and keep checking back for more updates on this title and the other survival horror offerings on display at this year's E3.
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