June 7, 1985 -- that's 25 years ago today -- a generation of kids witnessed the release of beloved adventure film, 'The Goonies.' If you're not familiar with the story of Mikey, Chunk and the rest of the gang, we're sorry you had a such a deprived childhood. You should probably call out of work, buy or rent the DVD and watch it immediately.

But if you're concerned with losing your job, 'The Goonies' tells the story of Mikey Walsh, big brother Brandon, and friends Mouth, Chunk, Data, Andy, and Stef as they set out on a quest to discover the lost treasure of the pirate One-Eyed Willie. They hope the treasure will give them the money they need to save their "Goon Docks" neighborhood from foreclosure. As if they weren't racing against time already, they accidentally draw the attention of the murderous -- but slightly incompetent -- Fratelli crime family, which also wants the pirate loot. There are underground water slides, sword fights, and plenty of booty booby traps to turn the film into a modern classic.
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