If you're a fan of Cinematical or this column, you're familiar with The Rule. You know, the simple cinematic guidelines Alison Bechdel immortalized in comic strip form. Quite simply, there needs to be at least two female characters with names in a film, who talk to each other about something other than men. While by no means an irrefutable guide to cinema -- there are excellent films that fail and crap that passes -- its simplicity is perfect for revealing just how rarely we get to see female characters talk to each other about anything other than men.

I'm bringing this up again because there's a new pen to the fold. Last week, John August wrote a new post about discovering The Rule, and how it applies to his own work. August, of course, has a pretty varied selection of films. He's brought us the excellent drug-induced wonder of Go, adapted Big Fish, and created The Nines, while also tackling blockbusters like Charlie's Angels (that sequel's faults are explained here) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Though he's written a number of female-starring films, even his work doesn't always make the cut.
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