I managed to make it through the entirety of the MTV Movie Awards last night, despite the headache I got from the show's audio output, which consisted almost exclusively of screams and bleeps (with some cursing slipped through). One of the highlights was the premiere of the trailer for part one of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which fortunately aired without accompanying sounds from the audience or disrespectful commentary from Will Ferrell (seriously, poor Tom Felton). I may not be the biggest Potter fan in the world, but I do look forward to these movies, and of all the previews and promotions during last night's event, this was in my opinion the best (yeah, I said it Scott Pilgrim cult).

While many of you Pottermaniacs watch this and recognize scenes from the book, comparing how these bits are depicted visually versus how they exist in your memory and imagination, I got to view the spot as someone with no idea what occurs in the seventh installment of the series. I didn't make it so far with the books, and though I have a general sense of what happens at the climax, my perspective warrants me more wonder and curiosity. Which is loads of fun with a trailer like this, because I have no idea why Ron and Harry are fighting. Does something happen to members of the Weasley family? And who are they running from in the forest (for all I know, given the setting, it could be the Twilight cast).

The trailer does make the movie appear like it'll just be about Potter and friends looking serious and scared in different locations (the forest, a beach, some formal event, a multiplex, etc.), but that's probably just to overstate that this movie is going to be intense. I await its release this November 19 to find out just how intense.

Check out the trailer if you missed it last night, or see it again, after the jump.