HeroesHeroes creator Tim Kring, hot off the heels of the cancellation of the series, wants to bring back the franchise one more time. He wants to make a mini-series that takes place one year later and answers all those questions that nobody cares about anymore.

On the other hand, another sci-fi franchise, Farscape, also ended prematurely in its fourth season and wrapped things up with a pretty kick-ass mini-series called The Peacekeeper Wars. It would be nice if a series like Heroes that started so strongly ended on a positive note rather than with a couple of cliffhangers.

On the other, other hand, what if the mini-series sucks? Farscape was good throughout its run, but couldn't really find a consistent audience because of the strange nature of the show. Heroes became a jumbled, inconsistent mess after the first season and while it had occasional good episodes, it was pretty much done by the shortened second season.

What do you think? Does Heroes deserve a wrap-up mini-series?
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