It's been far too long since we've heard from John Carpenter. The man who gave has Halloween and The Thing (amongst countless other classics) has kept a low profile over the last few years. Things seem as though they're about to change.

The director has been working on his newest project, The Ward, for quite some time now -- but Variety has some even more exciting news -- Carpenter has signed on to direct Fangland -- an updating of Bram Stoker's Dracula based on a novel by former 60 Minutes producer Don Marks.

The novel tells the tale of a reporter who travels to Romania to interview an arms dealer who turns out to be the modern day Dracula. Sounds like this "interview" will be a lot more interesting than the one Anne Rice wrote about...

Fangland will mark Carpenter's second foray into the world of vampires -- he also helmed the adaptation of John Steakley's novel Vampires, which starred James Woods. The Ward and Fangland mark the director's first feature films since way back in 2001. In the interim he directed two episodes in Showtime's Masters of Horror anthology series.

Let me be amongst the first to say "welcome home, John Carpenter. We've missed you."

We'll bring you casting news and other Fangland goodies as they're announced.
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