For the last six years, LoveFilm has been releasing a yearly list of the top young actresses, the ladies whose star power resonates by any number of measures. By no means scientific, the site gauges box office, awards, reviews, collaborators, roles, and buzz to generate a list of the It Girls of the last year. Love or loathe her, Kristen Stewart definitely leads the pack being the face behind Twilight, and adding Adventureland, Welcome to the Rileys, and The Runaways into the mix last year, plus K-11 and a little Kerouacian road trip into her future work.

But what's really interesting is who follows. The other 19 aren't the usual starlets we've grown accustomed to. These ladies mix mainstream and indie fare, normal girls and strange ladies. There's a definite change in the tide of Hollywood actresses. (And hell, actors to boot!) No longer are the fields of young talent tied to blockbusters and kiddie fare, Disney flicks and bubble gum goodies. Looking at this list, I wonder what this will mean for our future -- perhaps great talent that doesn't dissolve under the pressure of beating their Disney past a la Lohan? Will it mean more prime roles for these ladies, or some of them dissolving into obscurity or romcom land?

Sure, this is a UK site, but the talent stands -- Michelle Williams grabs the number 2 spot for her last eligible year, and the list that follows includes Mia Wasikowska, Carey Mulligan, Ellen Page, Saorise Ronan, Anna Kendrick, and Alia Shawkat. Check it out for yourself and weigh in below: What will Hollywood's rising actresses mean for the future of the biz? And did they miss anyone? (Be prepared to be THPPT'd if you mention Miley Cyrus.)
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