Vincenzo Natali is an interesting director. He made a splash with Cube, one of the most original yet poorly acted science fiction films I've ever seen. He followed that up with Cypher, which I haven't seen and can therefore not comment on, and Nothing, a surreal and existential look at what happens when two losers will away the universe, replacing everything but their house with a white, bouncy void. Followed by a documentary and a segment in Paris, I Love You, we now get Splice, the Canadian director's stark vision of what happens when man tries to play God.

Clive and Elsa, played by Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, are two genetic engineers working on the splicing of animal DNA in search of proteins that may prove beneficial for mankind. Intent on continuing their research with human DNA, they propose their ideas to their superiors, only to be shot down in favor of taking their research in a different direction. Not content with abandoning everything they worked for, they take the next step on their own: splicing animal DNA with that of a human. At first their approach toward their new creation, which they name Dren, differs, but as she grows up (at a rate that far exceeds a normal individual's), they begin to treat her as if she's one of their own. As Dren changes physically, so to does her personality. An affront to God ensues.
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