Hopefully you all had a chance to see Christian Alvart'sPandorum over the weekend and are ready to discuss what you liked and didn't like about this ambitious, yet flawed, sci-fi/horror hybrid. This marked my second viewing of the film (the first was when it played in theaters), and my initial response hasn't really changed much. I want to like Pandorum, but there are a lot of little issues that hold it back from being truly good.

This isn't to say that Pandorum is a bad film -- it's just one that had a lot of unrealized potential. It makes for a good time-waster on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but isn't quite ready for prime-time in its current state. That's unfortunate, because it definitely shows potential.

Click past the break and I'll share some of my thoughts about Pandorum -- then you can agree or disagree with me in the comment section.
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