There was a sorta kinda funny piece about Sex and the City 2 over at the Huffington Post recently by humorist Tim Siedell, A Review of Sex and the City 2 by Someone Who Doesn't Know Anything About It. Siedell has drawn some ire from the girl geek community for writing, "First off, ladies, I get it. It's your Star Wars. The opening credits make your tummy tickle the same way the Star Wars theme, to this day, gives me a boner. I understand. A pair of expensive shoes worn by Carrie is just like a metallic bikini worn by Princess Leia. Bonerfreakingopolis." I'll give you a moment to recover from that mental image. As many fabulously smart ladies such as Tracy King at Skepchick and Geek Girl Diva pointed out, erm, sometimes the ladies like Star Wars better than SaTC, and sometimes we even like both!

And for those girly geeks who have Carrie Bradshaw's cash handy, they can spend it on some pretty hardcore Star Wars-themed corsets over at Evening Arwen. These plain Louboutins, chosen as an example because they're the least likely to make me snap an ankle, will run a fashionista $595.00 at Bergdorf's. But if you'd rather suit up for a night out -- or in -- wearing a Galactic Lord corset, be prepared for fork over $600. It comes with separate gauntlets and has a built-in utility belt that you can put your bare necessities in for those late-night Comic-Con parties. And it's custom-made just for you. I don't see any damn French shoemaker cobbling me some red-soled heels fit especially to my tootsies. And if you're feeling less Vader and more Trooper, there's a corset for you too. The Galactic Trooper corset costume comes with a bevy of stylish accessories, including a matching white vinyl shrug and shorts.

So, don't let the stereotypes fool you. Star Wars fans come in all flavors, and some of them have money to burn on high-end, custom-made corsets that are just as fancy as a night out with Mr. Big (and probably a lot cooler).

(Hat tip to Buzzfeed.)
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