We all have certain plot structures that we have a soft spot for and my personal kryptonite may just be isolationist settings. Doesn't really matter where it is, but stick a group of people in just one location and you're playing right to my palette. Obviously Open Water is not the first film to root a few actors helplessly in one locale, but in terms of recent visibility it is this generation's benchmark for the niche. So while it may be the main point of comparison for plots of this ilk, it's still not the finest example of the formula around. I for one am a huge fan of Black Water, which can easily be described as "Open Water, but with crocodiles". And now joining that undiscovered gem is Thirst, a straight-to-video film that can succinctly be pitched as, well, "Open Water in the desert".

Four friends head off into the desert for a photoshoot: Atheria, the aspiring model (Mercedes McNab), Tyson, her photographer boyfriend (Brandon Quinn), Noelle, the bookish best friend (Lacey Chabert), and Noelle's kind of crappy husband, Bryan (Tygh Runyan). Naturally the shoot goes off without a hitch, but the quartet have a hard time getting out of the desert when their car takes a nosedive off road. So they're stuck in the middle of nowhere with no expectation of rescue. Food isn't too much of a problem at first, but water...that's what will kill you.
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