Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez perform at the 2010 MTV Movie AwardsTom Cruise - posing as Tropic Thunder's larger than life movie producer, Les Grossman - stole the show at last night's MTV Movie Awards where he performed a bootylicious dance routine with Jennifer Lopez.

Cruise, as Grossman, had been popping up on MTV's video monitors most of the evening to generally curse everyone on stage, throw a few F-bombs, and generally be particularly unhappy about how the show was going.

Eventually, he took matters into his own hands by getting up on stage to perform a choreographed dance routine to a rap track - and he was soon joined by J-Lo who began performing her single, Get Right. After an exchange of 'booty' slaps, the hilarious routine came to an end when Tom attempted - and failed - the splits.

Watch the brilliant clip after the jump...
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