Remember that scene at the end of Star Trek V, when "God" is revealed to be Sha Ka Ree, and that entity sends a horde of super-strong rockmen after the Enterprise crew, only to have a Klingon Bird of Prey de-cloak at the last minute and blow them all away? I don't, but if things had lined up better for director William Shatner, it's exactly the ending that would've been filmed.

Budget constraints begat the worst special effects of the series which begat an ending that cut corners. Concerning the finale, Star Trek V screenwriter David Loughery said, "Certainly, Star Trek is the kind of thing where the effects play less of a role than the characters and the story, but I think that the story we were telling this time, at least at the movie's end, very much needed unique and convincing special effects to make those story points work."

TrekWeb is trying to get those effects back into the film, through a grassroots internet campaign, that they hope will grab Paramount's attention. Citing the success of the restoration of Star Trek: The Motion Picture for DVD, as well as the new effects for the high-definition releases of the original series, TrekWeb hope to give "the troubled production the rewarding place its deserves in the Trek franchise."

I'm not convinced that some special effects spit-and-polish will suddenly make Star Trek V a great movie (the money might be better spent removing the corn from this, the corniest of all the Trek films), but I'm enough of a fan to get behind TrekWeb on the matter.
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