Apparently, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson isn't content to merely be a huge rap star -- it looks like the music mogul has now set his sights on Hollywood. We brought you news about Jackson's latest project, Things Fall Apart (wherein he dropped a huge amount of weight to play a character battling cancer), but that's not the only thing the performer has on his plate. A trailer for Gun -- a film not only featuring 50 in a starring role, but based on one of the three screenplays he's written -- turned up this weekend. So what, exactly, does a film based on a 50 Cent screenplay look like? If you guessed "a generic B-action movie that wears its influences like a neon badge of honor" you're on the right track.

This isn't meant to insult the man -- there's always room for a good B grade action movie about gun dealers in the city and a white guy ex-con (Val Kilmer) sent to infiltrate the group. It gives you plenty of opportunities for interracial bonding between the tough guy from the streets and the white guy he has little in common with, but accepts into his inner circle anyway. Plus it leads up to the big reveal where said arms dealer learns he's been betrayed -- that's action cinema 101.

What's most amazing about the trailer is all the famous people who turn up. Not only do you get 50 and Kilmer, but James Remar and John Larroquette as well. 90210'sAnnalynne McCord shows up as the love interest/requisite sex object.

Check out the trailer after the jump then tell me if you think Jackson's career trajectory will be more like Ice Cube's (critical acclaim before a descent into mainstream mediocrity) or Ice-T's (starred in cheesy action flicks before becoming a household name on TV without selling out too much in the process).