As a lover of killer shark flicks (which goes all the way back to me seeing Jawsas a little kid), I've been keeping an eye on Andrew Traucki's The Reefsince it was first announced last year. An alert Dread Central reader spotted something really cool Friday -- an early trailer for the film.

Traucki is no stranger to movies with people being devoured in the water (he helmed the cool killer croc flick Black Water), but he's moved on to the ocean's ultimate predator this time out: the Great White Shark. The film, which is supposedly based on true events, follows four backpackers who get the use of a yacht to cruise the Great Barrier Reef for a week. Unfortunately, the boat capsizes and they're left stranded on the hull. They make the unwise decision to swim for a nearby island, capturing the attention of a 15-foot Great White. That can't be good...

The first clip for the film is over two minutes long and looks pretty exciting. The trailer uses footage of real sharks intercut with the actors, but it works way better than the CGI junk in all those low budget Shark Attack movies.

The Reef is currently in post-production and set for release later this year. Check out the trailer after the jump.
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