The worst multiplex summer on record continues, with none of the weekend's four new wide releases able to displace the generally underperforming fourth Shrek film in its third weekend of release. To its credit, Shrek Forever After only dropped around 40% coming off Memorial Day weekend, which is pretty good. But the fact remains that none of the newcomers were able to generate any steam whatsoever. Despite a lively marketing campaign and tons of promo screenings, Get Him to the Greek opened to only $17 million -- almost precisely the number for Forgetting Sarah Marshall two years ago in April. Despite the alleged Twitter hype, Killers went pretty much nowhere -- an okay $16 million. And Marmaduke did about a third of the business of Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Maybe the weekend's biggest disappointment -- though I was expecting it -- is that Splice, the first genuinely good wide release of the summer, took in only $7.5 million. In fairness, that probably isn't too bad for a brainy, not-too-expensive genre flick with no stars to speak of. Still, my guess is that Joel Silver was hoping to do more with this when he snapped it up after Sundance.

Last weekend's two big debuts, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Sex and the City 2 both relative disappointments, didn't turn their fortunes around this weekend. Sex and the City may squeak its way to $100 million; Prince of Persia won't do even that.

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