If you've ever seen an action figure hit the toy store shelves that seems a little too adult for the tykes, keep in mind: this is nothing new. Hero Complex found a great toy commercial from way back in 1979 for Alien. Yes, a toy commercial for Alien -- the film that made Sigourney Weaver a beloved action star, and the same film that's considered a horror classic. So horrific that they actually made a toy for it. And I'm not talking about one of those expensive jobs the man-boys buy -- this is a toy made just for the kids.

It's not surprising that some youngin's would like a little slice of dark play. One of my favorite playtime activities was lining up refrigerator boxes, turning out the lights, and recreating the zombie attack from "Thriller" ... but while horrific, that was just a Michael Jackson video shown on regular TV.

But don't go thinking this was the way things were in the late '70s. Unsurprisingly, when these babies hit the shelves, the parents revolted: "the outrage of parent activist groups sent the plastic creature into retail exile." But thank god for YouTube: You can check out the clip after the jump. Hero Complex is offering free posters to anyone who brings the toy to their Alien screening on Sunday, but really, when you have a toy that cool, who cares about a poster?