It's all too rare when a film really impacts you. I'm not referring to some tears or laughter, but when a film rips inside your skin and grabs your core. One that makes you feel even if you resist against it. One that stays with you, makes you think, and sparks your inspiration. Agora is just that. When I went to see it at TIFF last year, I read nothing and just let the experience absorb me. Upon leaving, I was derailed for the day in thought, creativity, and anger over the ignorance that can stretch thousands of years.

It was excellent to see the film become Spain's top-grossing film of the year last October, and almost become the best opening weekend film ever. But the big question was whether or not the same magic could hit Stateside. You might think the answer is no, since the film is already out, but failed to make the Top Ten. But there's more than just box office numbers to consider. Straight from indieWIRE:
Most of the notable news came care of holdovers. Alejandro Amenabar's Agora -- released through Newmarket Films -- doubled its screen count to 4 after topping the box office last weekend in its first weekend out. The result was a respectable $41,326 haul (a 25% increase from last weekend) and a $10,332 average. That was enough to give the Rachel Weisz-starring historical epic the best per-theater-average of any film in the North American marketplace, and bring its total to $95,390.
Folks: It's almost hit $100,000 from only FOUR screens in one week, and TWO the week before. I can only hope the trend continues, but it all depends on us. If you see it playing near you, go see it. Let's make gorgeous, entertaining epics about smart women a norm and blow the box office away.