Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens may have been the perfect pair to send the High School Musical franchise straight into the stratosphere, but now that they're vying for the moviegoing dollar, their competing projects are the ones causing sparks.

When Universal moved Efron's drama, Charlie St. Cloud, from October to July 30th, that put it on the same weekend as Hudgens' supernatural romance, Beastly; CBS Films then pulled their film in favor of a TBD date. Now we're being told that the modern "Beauty and the Beast" update will open on March 18, 2011, opposite a Johnny Depp cartoon (Rango) and a Bradley Cooper thriller (The Dark Fields) -- neither posing as much of a threat as the draw of Efron could. However, it will be a mere week before Hudgens make her mark in Zack Snyder's own twisted take on a fairy tale, Sucker Punch.

You can watch the trailers for both films below. Personally? I'd lean towards any flick that has Neil Patrick Harris lending some comic relief (and doesn't have a dead kid stacking the emotional deck from the start)...
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