Sure, everyone lays claim to him now. Men want to be him. Ladies want to be with him. And it seems as though Hollywood can't get enough of those piercing eyes, that full head of hair, that permanent scruff that makes him look rugged, yet approachable.

We're talking about Bradley Cooper. You know: that hunk and a half, the debonair lead of last summer's juggernaut 'The Hangover' and the new mug of Templeton "Face" Peck in the highly anticipated feature film adaptation of 'The A-Team.'

People sure do love themselves some Bradley. And he seems to be everywhere these days: On the other side of Scarlett Johansson and accompanying Betty White to honor Sandra Bullock at the MTV Movie Awards; with his fellow A-Teamsters at the Spike Awards; linked to actresses such as Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger. The Internet is rife with fan-generated tributes to the actor with the matinee idol good looks.

Apparently, it's Bradley's world, and we just live in it. But before he hit the jackpot with 'The Hangover' and before those blue eyes were everywhere as the Face man, he was just another pretty face trying to make it in Hollywood. Turns out the Philadelphia-born actor had quite a few lesser-known roles before his star-making bachelor chic turn as Phil Wenneck in 'The Hangover' came along.