- Iron Man R2-D2 (via SCI FI Wire) marks the second time the indomitable droid has appeared in Cinematical Late Night in less than a week. Little guy just won't go away.

- Fox has bumped the release of the Cruise-Cameron actioner Knight and Day forward by two days to June 23rd. Looks to me like all the good will the oft aloof Tom Cruise earned back at the MTV Movie Awards paid off.

- Seth Green wouldn't say much to MTV regarding his upcoming involvement in an untitled Star Wars sitcom, but he did confirm that it will be CG animation and that it won't, contrary to previous rumors, take place after the events of Return of the Jedi.

- Time for a confession: I'm really looking forward to The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I'd see it for Nicolas Cage as a sorcerer alone, but I'm actually quite enjoying all the trailers for it thus far. They play straight to the kid in me, as does this new character poster HitFix premiered. It looks like it should be part of a trading card game, which 10-year old me would think was awesome.
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