So. Tchoupitoulas. How many of you can pronounce the word? And I bet most of you who can, are from South Louisiana. Bill and Turner Ross, whose documentary 45365 won awards at SXSW and Full Frame last year, are currently working on a film about New Orleans nightlife -- amazingly and promisingly, the title is the name of a street that is not in the French Quarter. I grew up in the New Orleans suburbs and I still had to check my spelling on Tchoupitoulas -- it's going to be difficult for people to get right. Still, 45365 was good and I never could remember that title properly, either, entangling it with my zip code and Social Security number and having to describe the movie to people instead.

Do unpronounceable movie titles hinder a movie's popularity, or are they simply part of the fun? In Hollywood Shuffle, the "Sneakin into the Movies" guys hate Amadeus automatically because the title's too hard to say. I can think of some movies with titles I can pronounce, but they're spelled so weirdly that I curse every time I have to look up the exact title: Baadasssss! (I kept chanting "two a's, five s's" as I wrote an essay on it), Se7en, [REC] ... not to mention Inglourious Basterds, which my inner copy editor despises. Finally, there are titles that I can pronounce but hate to do so in public because they're incredibly stupid, like Pootie Tang. Gaaaaah.

The following seven (or so) movies are difficult for some of us to pronounce, or we may be too embarrassed to speak them aloud around others. I'm not saying I can't pronounce any of these titles, but in a few cases it was a challenge. You all can school me in the comments.
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