Robert De Niro may well be the greatest actor of this generation, but he's certainly putting his best foot forward when it comes to tarnishing his legacy. The actor's "garbage to gold" ratio in terms of roles has skewed heavily toward the garbage side in recent years, and while there are some projects on the horizon that De Niro's been linked to that may help put things back on the right track (Sinatra and Frankie Machine being two examples), Stone does not appear to be one of them based on a viewing of the new trailer.

You'd think a film starring De Niro and Edward Norton would be guaranteed to be good, but it doesn't appear to be. Instead, this looks like your typical straight-to-DVD thriller about a jailed inmate (Norton -- sporting some cornrows if you can believe that ... ) who uses his girlfriend (Milla Jovovich) to seduce a parole board officer (De Niro) so they can blackmail him into granting an early release. Naturally, the official plot synopsis makes it clear that both men have suspect motivations. Ooh ... intrigue.

The film is directed by John Curran and was slated for release this year through Overture Films. Stone now appears to be in a cinematic limbo since Overture is currently up for sale, so it may be a while before we get to watch De Niro and Jovovich do it ... repeatedly.

Participate in my informal poll by watching the trailer after the jump and voting in the comments section. What's more absurd in this trailer: Ed Norton going from a skinhead inAmerican History X to a cornrowed homeboy in this film or De Niro doing sex scenes with Mila Jovovich? Vote early and vote often.