Let this be a lesson to anyone out there who cuts together trailers for hypothetical films using footage from other films; you might not be wasting your time. You also might want to start taking notes from Jaron Pitts, who a fan-editor who broke onto the scene last year with a fake trailer for a Green Lantern film. That trailer caught the eye of a producer named Scott Glassgold who had acquired English-language remake rights to a Serbian anime called Technotise - Edit i ja.

Glassgold then hired Pitts to cut together a trailer for Technotise that he could then shop around Hollywood. The result quickly became the video-of-the-day around the movie blogosphere, though no big news came of its viral spread. Now, about four months later, Pitts' Technotise trailer seems to have hooked its first serious big fish: Laeta Kalogridis.

Kalogridis' name may not be super familiar to us fans, but she was one of the executive producers on a little film called Avatar, and now she's taken up Technotise as her ideal next project. No studio is attached, but according to WiReD (via /Film), she will soon be bringing the project to studios in the hope that Pitts' trailer can hook them the way it hooked her. Personally, I hope it does because A) the trailer looks great and there's not nearly enough cyberpunk in Hollywood and B) if this all ends up panning out, this could pave the way for more fan-edited trailer success stories. If that's the case, I cannot wait for Thundercats!
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