I hate to judge a flick just by the concept. Scratch that. I do that all the time. As a horror nerd, I read a synopsis and my mind rifles through the dog-eared file catalog for similar matches. For something like the upcoming thriller, the Hunt, a ridiculously lengthy laundry list of similar matches was returned. Dread Central has the scoop on another iteration of 'the World's Most Dangerous Game'.

Alex, a young reporter for a famous tabloid, is tasked to write a sensational article to help boost the sales of the magazine. Ordered by his editor-in-chief to investigate a really strange lead, he finds himself caught in a gruesome game of death complete with bets on who will make it through the night. Now caught in a spiral of violence, Alex has to hunt down innocent people as a means to make money for the betters and get out alive. Where will the madness stop, and how far will he have to go to survive?

I'd wager that a 'humans hunting humans' film has come out every year for the past two decades. There's nothing terribly groundbreaking there, no, but it is French, and boy, those French do now how to make unoriginal ideas exceptionally messy. This one is brought to us by first time director Thomas Szczepanski, whose only other credit is as cinematographer on another unknown flick called Ossessione. No word on a release date yet, but we'll keep you posted as more information comes along.
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