For all the hand-wringing so far about how dismal this summer's box office is, for all the theorizing about the good weather and the economy and sports playoffs keeping people away from the multiplex, the reason may be as simple as the poor quality of the movies themselves.

Maybe the reason no one is going to the movies this summer is ... that the movies kinda bite.

So far, the 2010 summer season is shaping up to be one of the worst ever in terms of the number of tickets sold, with ultra-hyped movies performing well below expectations. This year, the usual hype isn't working, and people are staying home rather than going to see a marquee listing an especially unappealing litter of sequels, spinoffs and remakes. There are still some movies yet to come this summer that could rescue the remaining months from being completely forgettable, but so far, Hollywood hasn't given us much reason to check out the latest would-be blockbusters.