Three weeks in a row in the top spot at the box office is great news for the folks behind Shrek Forever After, but not for the material it's up against, particularly films that have debuted in Shrek's second and third week out. Even worse, Forever After isn't doing too hot as compared to its predecessors. So far the film has earned $183 million domestically, which is a nice chunk above the first Shrek film at this point in its run, but it's lagging way behind the second and the third which earned $314.5 and $255.9 million respectively. Meanwhile, Universal is likely pleased with Get Him to the Greeks' $17.6 million haul and Lionsgate modestly happy with Killers' $15.8 million, but this is the summer season we're talking about; where are the massive blockbusters?

Ever since I laid eyes on Knight and Day's very first poster, the film went into the junk drawer. But, according to THR, the it's actually getting some "good prerelease buzz" and Fox is looking to make bank on that by moving the release date up from June 25th to the 23rd. Fox domestic distribution president Bruce Snyder explained, "It gives us a little bit of a jump on the weekend and the opportunity to get word-of-mouth going." The film Snyder wants to get a jump on? Adam Sandler's Grown Ups.

Pre-release buzz or not, I'm still betting against Knight & Day. If an extra long weekend didn't get Sex and the City 2 blockbuster status, it's not going to work for this one. I'm going to guess that both The A-Team, The Karate Kid andJonah Hex put up numbers in the $30 to $40 million range and making Toy Story 3the highest opening weekend earner of the month. Yes, the extra two days will earn Knight & Day some more cash, but with Eclipse due out on the 30th, most moviegoers will soon end up asking, "Knight and who?"