With shooting set to begin in Baton Rouge next week, it's no surprise that the cast of Flypaper is coming together fast. Patrick Dempsey has been on board for quite some time, but just recently, Tim Blake Nelson and Ashley Judd were added to the roster. They better look out because they're about to get some company, and a lot of it. According to THR, not only has Mekhi Phifer and Jeffrey Tambor joined the cast, but Greg Germann, Octavia Spencer, Pruitt Taylor Vince, John Ventimiglia, Adrian Martinez, Rob Huebel and Curtis Armstrong too.

The crime comedy focuses on two teams of blundering bank robbers who decide to knock off the same target on the same day. In between the groups is Dempsey as a guy trying to save the bank teller he loves.

Odds are, most of the new additions will fill out the bands of crooks. We already know Nelson is playing a baddie called Peanut Butter who as a thing for using an overabundance of explosives, so I can't even imagine what's in store for the new recruits. As for the sole female addition, Spencer, I'm betting we'll see her alongside Dempsey's character's lady as a bank teller. But perhaps that's only because I'm picturing her as one of Christine Brown's co-workers in Drag Me to Hell.

The best part about this announcement is certainly Mekhi Phifer. Yes, ER is so 2009, but after 15 seasons, that show has earned a permanent special place in my heart and considering Phifer was there for about seven years of its monumental run, any casting news involving Dr. Pratt earns an instant thumbs up.
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