German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender(Inglourious Basterds, Hunger) has reportedly been offered the villain role in two movies adapted from the Marvel Universe: X-Men First Classand the Spider-Man reboot (will it actually be titled Spider-Man 4?). Unfortunately, this isn't another multi-film crossover thing, a la the Avengers assembly. According to Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411, the rising star must choose one project or the other. In the former, he'd portray a young Eric Lehnsherr, aka Magneto, taking over the part originally played by Sir Ian McKellan. And he'd get to act opposite James McAvoy, as Professor X. For the latter, the villain character is unknown, so feel free to start speculating about which of Spidey's foes Fassbender would be good for. Or, would you just prefer he take on the magnetic mutant and forget about potentially battling a web-slinging Jamie Bell (still unconfirmed)?

Surely I'm not alone in wishing he could do all movies offered to him. I'd also like to see Fassbender in the superhero role at some point. Plenty of actors are taking multiple comic-based gigs these days, and if we can expect audiences not to confuse Green Lantern with Deadpool or Human Torch with Captain America or Kick-Ass with Cyclops (if rumors of Aaron Johnson being wooed for First Class are true), we can find a way to accept Fassbender as both Magneto and ... (Kraven perhaps?). The actor is already appearing in one comic book movie this summer, the DC adaptation Jonah Hex. Interestingly enough, he's playing right-hand to the villain Quentin Turnbull, portrayed by John Malkovich, who was previously set to be the baddie in Spider-Man 4. And if Fassbender doesn't take the Spidey gig, I'd like Malkovich to be given another shot.
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