Since when is bad luck a good thing? Since Milla Jovovich was cast in David R. Ellis' film Bad Luck. As reported by Moviehole, the Resident Evil star will lead the $30 million horror film about a group of friends who are plagued by superstitions they once believed to be fallacies.

A group of pretty people getting knocked off one-by-one is always a promising concept, but the thought of letting Ellis get anywhere near another horror film is awfully daunting. He is responsible for Final Destination 2, which I love just as much as the first film, but there is no excuse for The Final Destination, the most recent franchise installment. I even gave the film another shot, thinking my expectations were just too high the first time around, but no; it's pure garbage.

However, the thing managed to pull in a whopping $181.6 million worldwide, so naturally, Ellis' schedule is full. For his next project, Ellis is sticking with the third dimension and working on Shark Night 3D. The film is being described as "Jaws for the 3D generation" and is set to go into production this summer in Shreveport, Louisiana. Next up is a comic book adaptation called War Monkeys followed by a thriller with Hayden Christensen and then finally, Bad Luck with Jovovich.
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