Have you reveled in the joys of Cinematical, SciFi Squad, and Horror Squad's Movie Clubs yet? This week has got a little Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster action, horror masterpieces, and a Judd Apatow comedy:

Mike Bracken dug into Pandorum for SciFi Squad, where Quaid and Foster who wake up deep in space, discovering that their spaceship is empty. (Or is it?) He isn't sold on the film: "I want to like Pandorum, but there are a lot of little issues that hold it back from being truly good. This isn't to say that Pandorum is a bad film -- it's just one that had a lot of unrealized potential."

The House of the Devil gets more love over at Horror Squad courtesy of Peter Hall -- and not just a little more love, but a lot. He writes: "The House of the Devil is a masterpiece that cannot be improved upon. There, I said it. It's off my chest and now we all know exactly where I stand on Ti West's film."

Finally, back to the less impressed, I dug into Knocked Up once again: "Unfortunately, Apatow seems to have no idea how to relate to or express Alison and Debbie. (Or possibly little interest?) With character development focused on Ben, Alison and Debbie can be nothing more than pawns to fulfill his story of babydom."

Agree? Disagree? Zip through the links and leave your .02 before getting ready for this week's picks. The Squads will release their next choices on Friday, and you can catch me digging into Julie Taymor's Titus Friday night.
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