I know what you are thinking: "yup, this girl has officially lost it if she thinks a Megan Fox movie deserves a spot in Scenes We Love.'' But sometimes it's that one good scene in an otherwise so-so movie that will stand out to me, and besides, it wasn't like I was expecting much when I sat down to watch Jennifer's Body. But, what I was hoping for was the chance to see Fox to do a role with a little more substance and frankly the idea of a boy-eating cheerleader tickled my (horror) funny bone. But like most people, I wasn't wowed by the finished product, and unfortunately the film wound up as an example of everything that is (purportedly) wrong with the writing of Diablo Cody -- but my dissatisfaction came from a a place a little more random.

So here goes; in the end what ticked me off about this 'feminist' horror was that nobody spared a moment of sympathy for poor old Jennifer. When it comes down to it, yeah, Jennifer was a bit of a bitch, but she was a teenage girl (hardly the most reliable moral compass) and her sad and gruesome death at the hands of a bunch of Satan worshiping hipsters was a surprisingly effective moment in an otherwise shallow movie. Maybe I'm off the mark here, but wasn't Jennifer 'cursed' in a way? All that talk about hunger and getting sick if she didn't eat -- that doesn't exactly sound like she had a real choice in the matter.
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