Now that he's sunk his teeth into supple necks in the popular and sexy whirlwind that is True Blood, Stephen Moyer is making the push for high-profile feature films. THR's Heat Vision reports that the actor has grabbed starring roles in two big films on the way. He's joining Richard Gere and Topher Grace in The Double, and toplining The Big Valley with Jessica Lange.

The Double is that spy thriller that started simmering back in April, in which Gere plays a retired CIA op who has to team up with a young FBI agent (Grace) to stop a Soviet assassin. Moyer will play that Russian pest that the new duo will hunt down. Is it wrong to hope that he wins? I foresee a scenario that will have us cheering for the baddie -- a la Air Force One. Meanwhile, Moyer is also going to play attorney Jarrod Barkley in the upcoming remake of the old ABC show The Big Valley, something that should pluck at the strings Moyer uses for Bill Compton.

With these two gigs, Blood fans now have six flicks to look forward to. He's also got four already in post-production, including a comedy/drama about a famous opera singer called Master Class, written and directed by Faye Dunaway. If his performances are as good as his diversity in roles, we should have some great things to look forward to.
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