That Mel Brooks is such a lovable rascal. I associate him with dirty Yiddish words, over-the-top humor that's not afraid to tackle Important Issues™, as well as all things little and cute. Last year I wrote about the summer of 1987, when Spaceballs came out, as one of my favorite summers for movies, and while I don't revisit Spaceballs on the regs, I do think of it fondly. One scene that freaked me out as a pre-teen (yeah, I was kind of a scaredy-cat) was a parody of the famous chestburster scene in Alien. Even though the little chestburster was kind of adorable and even put on a little top hat to sing and dance, I still thought it was pretty gnarly.

As an adult, of course, I appreciate it far more, especially since the fellow experiencing the chest-popping parody is played by the same guy who gets it much worse in Alien, John Hurt. "Not again," he groans, in a terrific wink to the original -- a typical Mel Brooks delight that goes by so fast you could (and, in my case, did) miss it the first time around. Spaceballs is littered with these references, from Planet of the Apes to One Froggy Evening, the animated short film by Chuck Jones featuring a singing and dancing froggie.

When Barf (John Candy) and Lone Starr (Bill Pulllman) simultaneously ask for the check, it's just icing on the cake.

The clip from Spaceballs and Alien are both behind the jump.
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