Have you ever complained that episodes of Entourage are too short? On the red carpet for Sunday's MTV Movie Awards (during which he contributed to the swear storm), Mark Wahlbergtold MTV News that fans have had that time-contraint issue with the series and have long been calling for a feature-length story involving Vinnie, Eric, Turtle and Johnny Drama. And Ari Gold, of course. Maybe a few years ago they were. But apparently such a movie is now finally in the works. Well, Wahlberg, who is a co-creator and executive producer of the show, "thinks we're going to do it."

He did claim, however, that transitioning the Hollywood-set comedy-drama to the big screen is a main priority for him at the moment, and he thinks an Entourage movie could be "great." Wahlberg even offered up an idea for the film's trailer, which would have Ari and his assistant, Lloyd, waking up in a Vegas hotel room with no memory of what got them there. And is there a tiger in the bathroom, Marky Mark? Because that sounds a little bit like The Hangover. Hopefully, he was just joking and not so naive, but I do like the prospect of a spin-off movie primarily starring Jeremy Piven and Rex Lee.
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