Although I love Spock as much as the next guy, I have a real soft spot for Leonard Nimoy in his non-Trek roles. One such role that I've yet to track down is his turn as a race-car-driver-turned-psychic in the 1973 made for-TV film/failed pilot Baffled! But after reading Wikipedia's description of the film's high-concept plot, I'm moving it to the top of my to-track-down list:

Race car driver Tom Kovack (played by Leonard Nimoy) suddenly begins to experience psychic visions. He meets Michelle Brent (played by Susan Hampshire), an expert on the paranormal, and the two form an unlikely partnership. Kovack's visions draw them into an occult themed mystery at a remote inn on the English coast.

Bad Movie Planet and British Horror Films have lengthy discussions of the film, as well as additional screenshots for your perusal. And be sure to click through for the groovy Baffled! opening credits.
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