Movie tie-in games are a staple of the movie marketing landscape whether we like it or not, and unfortunately for us gamers very few titles inspired by a feature film have ever been...well, good. But, Telltale Games is looking to change all that by making some brand new games based on some pretty old movies. In a report by The Associated Press, Telltale Games announced they are developing games based on the 80's favorite, Back to The Future, and Spielberg's Dino-action franchise, Jurassic Park -- but with a twist.

This isn't Telltale's 'first rodeo' when it comes to movie games, as the company has had some success with a Wallace and Gromit game. Telltale specializes in what they call 'episodic' games -- or to put it another way, not your usual hack-and-slash/shooter kind of game. Even though this isn't the first time that either of these movies have gotten the pixel treatment (there were a few Future games released in the '80s as well as a few attempts at a Park franchise in the early '90s), but Telltale is looking to do something a little different by building off the original lore and engaging in a little world-building to create all new adventures. According to Telltale's CEO, Dan Conners, the BTTF and Jurassic game, "would tell new stories extending the "Back to the Future" and Jurassic Park lore" and even teased that the BTTF game, "may include a DeLorean ride back to the 1970s".

Telltale is still in the early stages of development for both games, but are planning on releasing PC and console versions this winter. So while the results aren't always great when someone attempts to make money by tapping our 'nostalgia button' repeatedly, I'm willing to give at least one of these games a whirl, and I'm honest enough to admit that the urge to get behind the wheel of my own virtual DeLorean will be too much to resist.
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