Shutter Island
was the hottest new thing from Martin Scorsese for quite a while, not just because it featured a massive topnotch cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio, but because the film was delayed. We got all pumped for October 2nd, 2009 just to find out we'd have to wait until February 19th, 2010, only a month and half before the big day. Why did the news sting so badly? Because I took the time to read the Dennis Lehane novel it was adapted from and absolutely loved it.

I'm not a big reader to being with. I was one of those kids in high school who immediately ran to Blockbuster or sifted through the CliffNotes library in search of an easy way out as soon as a book was assigned. Textbook reading kept me busy through college, but upon entering the real world, in my very first job post-graduation particularly, I realized there was a lot of down time to be filled. I worked as a local news "news assistant," which is basically a camera person and producer combined. I'd sit outside a courthouse for hours waiting to catch a ten second quote from a defendant or in the parking lot of a police precinct until I could get a shot of a perp stepping into a cop car. Combine all that downtime with my movie obsession and you get my favorite hobby, reading books being adapted to film.