What if there was a theme park in England based on the works of Mark Twain or Stephen King? That might be the equivalent of having a J.K. Rowling-based park in the United States. Unfortunately for the Brits, the latter actually exists, as this month marks the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. It's not exactly a park of its own, however; it's an attraction built into Universal's Islands of Adventure. Still, it's enough to burn fans on the other side of the pond, where Potter and his books actually hail from. London mayor Boris Johnson shares his feelings in the Telegraph, a piece partly inspired by his kids' desire to fly out to America to experience a recreation of a universe that's based in their home country. It's unlikely he's the only Brit who's disappointed or even angry that the Wizarding World was not built in the UK.

I can somewhat relate, because I was initially annoyed that the Marvel Superheroes Theme Park would be in Dubai rather than down the street from me (or at least in the U.S.). The Harry Potter park is a bigger issue, though, since the boy wizard has become a sort of national treasure for the Brits, like Shakespeare and fish and chips. It would be just as inappropriate for Six Flags/Great Adventure to introduce a series of rides based on Dickens' novels. Or for Disneyland to replace its Main Street U.S.A. with High Street UK.
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