- If the planet Coruscant in the Star Wars universe had a newspaper, this is what their "stupid political cartoons" would look like.

- Ryan Kwanten, best recognized as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, joins Peter Dinklage and Steve Zahn for Joe Lynch's dark comedy Knights of Badassdom.

- After years of second unit directing for James Cameron, Steven Quale will make his big screen feature debut on Final Destination 5. At the very least, given Quale's involvement with Avatar, the 3D deaths this time around should look better than they did in the abysmal The Final Destination. I'm sure plenty will rightfully scoff at the idea of yet another Final Destination film, but I actually think this is pretty cool news if only because Quale started his career as a production assistant on The Abyss. It always makes me happy to see people climb the ranks, even if it is a slow and steady climb.

- Michael Bay wants to film an explosion-packed car chase (via FSR) right in the heart of Washington D.C. for Transformers 3. Apparently blowing stuff up a few blocks from the White House is a cause for concern. I'm not sure why.
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